Message from the Chairman

In the face of the global and regional political and economic challenges, one is often asked how the company manages to survive while whales drown every day. This, I always attribute to four letters: T. E. A. M.

Magrabi Agriculture and its brand, MAFA, were built on teamwork. Everyone from agronomist to accountant, laborer to lab technician, manager to marketer, carton folder to CEO, all play a vital part in the plot to plate service being offered. One hand may move a boulder, but many can move mountains.

Agriculture, especially in export, is a beautiful industry, as it acts as a vehicle to ultimately satisfy customers, as well as helps improve the national balance of trade, all while creating job opportunities. All these benefits come at a price, though never too high to pay, patience. One must invest in people and technology, both monetarily and with time and effort, but of course, especially when it comes to people, that effort will be reflected back and repaid in manifolds. In that sense, an agribusiness, or any other, for that matter, is very much like the very plants from which it makes its livelihood, requiring precise care and attention before thriving and yielding.

Looking to the future, Magrabi aims, as always, to continually improve its services and the lives of those it touches. New investments in crops, land, community development, and other projects will, God willing, keep the wheel turning.

Without further ado, dig in!

Life tastes good!

Yours in partnership,
Sherif El Maghraby